Ballenden & Robb Consulting Engineers
Black Economic Empowerment, Gender Equality & Capacity Building

Ballenden & Robb pioneered the concept of community-based contractor development in the electrification field. Many hundreds of entrepreneurs (mostly unemployed) have been given the opportunity and necessary skills to become successful contractors. Presently, all our staff who train and supervise these contractors, started off as community-based contractors themselves and after further development programmes have joined our team in their present capacities.
Our company’s racial and gender equality policy is addressed in our Mission Statement as well as in our shareholders’ agreement and policy documents.

The following is an extract from our Resource Development Policy:
“The following is additional to any other procedures that deal with human resources development and the promotion of equal opportunity:

  • During the recruitment of new staff, the company shall actively seek the services of individuals from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Employment of such PDI’s shall be considered even where skills are lacking due to historical disadvantages as long as such skills can be developed within the company.
  • At any one time, the company shall budget for at least one bursary to be awarded to a PDI to study engineering at a Technikon or University. Family members of employees of the company shall be given preference in the allocation of bursaries.
  • Where shares in the equity of the company become available for whatever reason, PDI’s who qualify to purchase such shares will be given preference in the allocation thereof. Where necessary, financial assistance shall be made available where possible to these individuals to purchase such shares.
  • The company shall actively promote further management and engineering skills training (in accordance with the appropriate procedures and sub-procedures) among PDI employees and management.”

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DIRECTORS: K. Ntsono, D. Staffen, S. van der Merwe
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